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1. That the Society be called by the name of ‘THE LAMPETER AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY’ and that it consists of a President, Vice-President, Patrons, Secretary, Treasurer and Members.

2. That a person be admitted a Patron of the Society on subscribing annually the sum of £15.00 or £25.00 for dual membership.

3. Any member being detected in an attempt to impose upon the Society shall forfeit all Premiums due to him/her, and be liable to be expelled from the Society.

4. That no Member be allowed to compete for any Premium who has not paid his/her Subscription previous to the day of entry.

5. That no political discussion or any observation tending to impugn the decision of the Judges or Umpire, to be allowed to take place at any meeting of the Society.

6. That the Members of the Committee meet periodically as required. The Annual General Meeting of the Society to be held in the Autumn. Due notice of these meetings will be given to members.

7. The Servants in charge of Stock must see that they are properly placed and secured in the place allocated to them, and that the number on the ticket corresponds with the stall or pen in which they are placed, and those in charge of Stock are particularly requested not to leave at any time during the Show the stock which they have in their charge. The Society, its officers and servants will not be responsible for any error or mistakes that may be made in placing, penning or securing the stock.

8. Stewards are not allowed to lead their animals in the Judging Ring with their badges on